It’s a Jungle Out There

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You can never go wrong with animals prints. Season after season animal is in. And what better way to appreciate nature and not upset PETA than to incorporate the prints and patterns of the wild into our wardrobes? Cheetah prints make us feel feminine and fierce like the feline of the jungle…or Savannah or wherever it is that cheetah’s hangout. While snake and python prints make us feel sleek and seductive like the slithery, stealthy reptiles. Zebra prints are bold, exotic and eye catching. We wear these prints not only for the appreciation of color or shape but for what the animals themselves exemplifies and we secretly wish we were like ourselves.

New York CityIf I were an animal I’d want to be a panther or any exotic big cat. I say panther because even in animal form I like to be dressed in black from head to toe. Panthers are strong, graceful and mysterious. They’re basically the animal version of what the ideal Bond girl is. And a Bond girl is the epitome of sexy, powerful, and feminine. FYI the panther is not an actual separate species of cat. A panther just refers to a large cat species that has excessive black pigment so you cant actually see their spots without close observation. There’s your daily dose of Zoboomafoo fun facts for those of you who still remember that show.

In the spirit of the of the persistent – and one of my favorite – trends I went to SoHo to see what animals the street stylers would be themselves.

SoHoI met Philippine (left) and Eveline (right) who were visiting from Holland.

HatPhilippine said she’d want to to be a Leopard because they are rare, sneaky and fast. Try a Lovely Bird Lazy Fedora – perfect to go on a shopping safari on the sunny streets of SoHo.

AnorakEveline said she likes zebras because of their bold colors. You can see she loves bold patterns and colors. Try a Monrow military trench over some cut off shorts and wedge kicks for a cool camo look like this.

Street Style

JewelryLizzie from Wilmington, NC said she’d be a panther because they’re “fierce and sexual.” Well said.  Try a Joie Python Print statement tank under a blazer for a laid back polished look like Lizzie’s.

Most women say they want to be a powerful feline, for good reason. You can tell a lot about the type of person someone is based on the type of animal they’d chose to be. I suggest it as an ice breaker question at the next get-together you attend.

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