Respect the Unexpected

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Street Style Happy Easter to those of you who celebrated! And to those who didn’t- I hope you celebrated the revival of the spring season into your closet now that temperatures are finally warming up. After all, that is what the Easter bunny and it’s basket of eggs symbolize, the fertility and new life that come with spring. That means lighter layers, brighter colors, fresher prints and hints of our pale complexions peeking out – finally.

Fun fact: Did you know that female rabbits are able to conceive a second litter while they’re still pregnant with their first? That seems like a painful and unnecessary ability, but it’s no wonder that the rabbit and egg were the chosen signs of new life and fertility. Although its seems like poor judgement  for someone to trust  a bunny to hop around carrying a basket of fragile pastel painted eggs to hide, I appreciate unlikely pairings – in life and in wardrobe.

Animal print with florals, lace with leather, blazers with beanies, french fries with chocolate ice cream, Hilary Duff and Joel Madden (still sad that ended) – all great unexpected pairings. The pairing of two otherwise mundane things is suddenly so interesting and exciting when next to its opposite. Just think how cruel, boring, and expected would it be to have an Easter chicken delivering a basket full of eggs.

Barclays Center

What better place to venture than near Brooklyn’s Barclays Center to see what unexpected gems I could find.

Street Style


Sakira was wearing a polished, double breasted overcoat, button-down shirt and pointed toe flats paired with a laid back beanie. She stated that at first glance people would never assume she was raised Jewish “or that she rides horses” as her friends added. Try a Bella Dahl button-down shirt in any color and pair it with a structured coat and beanie to get a look like Sakira.

Leopard Print I found Celeste shopping in her wild animal structured trench and neon top paired with her rugged leather oxfords and satchel. She said people would never guess she grew up on a small farm in Oregon. Pair a Leopard Naven moto jacket with some vintage leather accessories for a similar look.

Street Style

Joe layered his cream neutral toggle closure sweatshirt with nautical detailing under a moto leather jacket and added a pop of color with turquoise blue vintage shaped sunglasses. When I asked what was an unexpected fact about himself he replied “If I wasn’t so hungover I could actually answer this question.” Pair your favorite leather jacket with a comfy wings + horns hoodie for a cool laid-back look.

As for myself, people are usually surprised to find out what a comic book/video game geek I am (find me at Comic Con this year!)

Respect the Unexpected!

Yours truly,


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