Street Style Update – Lucky Charms – Do you have one?

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Lucky Charms

I hope you all had a grand St. Patrick’s Day and are shuffling back to your daily schedules seamlessly. It was uplifting to see all of NYC come together this weekend to paint the town the same shade of Kelly green, and everyone adorning themselves in lucky shamrocks to celebrate. I, being the nonconformist that I am, wore my own special lucky charm – my lucky bullet, tucked neatly under my Confessions-of-a-Shopaholic-esque, festive green scarf.

Everyone who knows me, knows I wear my lucky bullet every day. Even if for some odd reason I don’t have it on, I still like to credit its existence for the good fortune that comes my way. People ask me “Why the bullet?” and I reply “Because it was there when I didn’t die.” It was one of those crazy NY movie moments that I’d have to explain to you over coffee. For a similar look to mine, try pairing a Donni Charm scarf with any one of Jennifer Zeuner lucky-charm-worthy necklaces. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I honestly believe we shape our own luck to an extent. No matter how many bullets or clovers I wear I may never win the lottery or catch the metro on time. The lucky charms that we keep are just a nice reminder of those few times when things, as unpromising as the circumstances seemed, somehow turned out in our favor.

Times Square

I chatted with the street stylers of Times Square this St. Patrick’s Day to check out what they wear for good luck.

Lucky Charm

I ran into (and by “ran into” I mean “chased after”) Deegan from Akron, NY who was looking so adorably festive and styling in green with his matching scarf, pants and socks. He said his dog tag that he wears around his neck brings him good luck. Guys, try a Scotch & Soda scarf to add the same flair to your look.

St. Patrick's Day

Erin from New Jersey said she wears Chloé perfume for good luck. This genuine Irish gal was also wearing a cute clover pin amongst her edgy, girly glamour. Check out those floral pants, embellished gloves and perfect flaxen hair. Get the same pop with graphic denim and pair it with and Elizabeth and James button down shirt in black or white.

New York City

These two were gracious enough to share some of their exclusive modeling poses. Word on the street is they are Zoolander’s biggest competition. Their lucky charms include a four leaf clover pendant from Grandma that was passed down and Rob, on the right, said his earmuffs bring him good luck.

Betsey Johnson

At MTV studios we found Stephanie outside looking sporty chic in her parka and pumas. She said the Betsey Johnson charm bracelet that her boyfriend gave her brings her good luck. Awww! Try pairing a Canada Goose bomber (like the one we’ve all seen on Kate Upton) with a pair of Superga sneakers in your favorite color for the same sporty look.


Inside the studio we found Bradley and his perfect hair looking laid-back and polished. Bradley’s good luck charm are his cobalt Diesel trunks. Oo la la. Wear your favorite solid v-neck tee under a GANT RUGGER blazer and a pair of Red Wing shoes. I suggest YouTube tutorials for the hair.

Brian Lichtenberg

Courtney was out shopping looking effortlessly cool in her beanie and anorak. I always love a good anorak. She furrowed her brow when I asked what she wore for good luck and said, “I don’t go anywhere without my phone.” Cheers to that. Get your Bec & Bridge anorak with a Brian Lichtenberg tee for a similar effortlessly fly look.

Remember to keep notice of the people and things around you when things are tilting in your favor and to keep them close when things go awry. Every little bit of luck helps.

Yours truly,


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