The Definition of Sexy

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Street Style Sex sells. Its no secret by now, we all know the more provocative the ad  campagin the more we pay attention (hence the controversial underage Brooke Shields Calvin Klein “nothing gets between me and my Calvins” commercial).  So many of us yearn to be the object of desire to others, because nothing is more flattering than provoking their primal lust. There is no compliment more honest. But what EXACTLY defines sexy? There is always some type of “it” factor that every issue of Cosmopolitan is trying to convince us is easily achievable with a certain outfit or inconspicuous flirty arm touch. It's much more than that. There’s a reason Ryan Gosling is the center of our fantasies and not so much Steve Carell (no offense Steve!!). 

In my opinion “sexy” is the perfect balance of power, confidence and skill. These qualities require both the physical and the mental. The power suit, the confidence it takes to rock a body-con red dress and the skill it takes to strut in sky-high heels without face planting – all super sexy examples. Its not just the clothes we wear, but how we wear them. I mean just imagine how unappealing a girl looks wobbling around in a pair stilettos, no matter how cute the shoes or the outfit. Now imagine a woman in a blazer, wide-leg trousers and pumps strutting into a meeting with the steady, rhythmic clicking of her heels echoing down the hall announcing her arrival into the board room. That is a woman we assume to be strong and composed.

New York CityI took to 5th Avenue to see what three words our street stylers used to define “sexy.”

Russia Daira from Russia said (in her alluring accent) that sexy is “smiling, confidence and style.” She looked polished and seductive in her head-to-toe black ensemble and perfect red lip. Get the look with a J Brand Ready-to-Wear moto jacket over your favorite body-con dress.

Street Style Couple Steve and Sandra, an adorable couple also visiting from Europe, said sexy is “high heel, attitude and red lip.” Starting to notice a trend? The guys and girls out there can get a similar effortless sporty chic look with a pair of J Brand distressed jeans.


Fringe Shoes Gabriella from Argentina said that sexy is “Much life inside…. I don’t know how to say in English.” We understand what she means though. There’s so much life to this outfit – check out those shoes! Try Sam Edelman Louie Boot with fringe for a cool hippie boho look like Gabriella.

So what did we learn today besides that 5th Avenue is the shopping U.N. and Europeans love red lips?  That nothing is sexier than owning who you are and not being afraid to show it off and its been proven by our international street stylers that this is universal. It’s what you knew all along. Now go out there and find your perfect shade of red lipstick!

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