Vintage: Your Grandma Used to be Cool Too

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New York City I LOVE vintage everything. The idea of a vintage piece that has stood the test of time and lived to tell a story about it fascinates me. The garments and accessories from past decades reflect the mood of the people, the advancement in technology, political drama and social standards. Through time loosened whale bone corsets, shorter hemlines, burned bras, acid wash jeans, and men with lipstick have become socially acceptable, though not without controversy and drama.

Why the constant push for change? Because fashion loves drama, drama is entertainment, and entertainment is money. After all, it's money that makes the world go ‘round. And although past trends may resurface there is always a new modern twist. Fashion will continue to push social boundaries so long as people can be offended and technology advances. 


Thrift ShopNow all drama aside, being able to wear vintage clothing today and mix and match pieces from past decades is a great form of self expression and creativity. Finding a vintage piece feels like finding a one of a kind treasure or discovering a nearly extinct species. So it is no surprise that I met some wildly creative and inspiring street stylers while visiting the Manhattan Vintage Show and sale.

Street Style

JewelryAmelia from Milwaukee, Wisconsin said her favorite era of style was the 1950s. She loves the crinoline and full skirt silhouettes of that period. I am OBSESSED with her vintage leather watch. Try a BOULEE Avery Dress in white and tie your favorite button up and layer with a leather jacket for a look like Amelia’s.

Vintage Clothing

HandbagJulie Henderson from Greensboro, North Carolina who manages ‘Design Archives,’ a vintage and handmade goods shop, said that 1938, specifically, is her favorite year in fashion history because the silhouettes are perfect for her body type. She pointed out her “squirrel dress” that she refuses to hem against others’ advice because she said it makes her dress all the more interesting. Try the One Teaspoon Devil Inside Sequin Jacket for a cool statement jacket to throw over an LBD.

Punk Rock Meet Valerie P. Funk. By far the coolest rocker and artist I met at the show. She said the 1940s would be her ideal decade of fashion, also because the silhouettes were perfect for her body type as she found out from the clothing her mom handed down to her, who was a model during that period. How killer are those shoes?! Try a UNIF cat denim jacket for a cool offbeat rocker vibe.

ManhattanHandbagZondra said she doesn’t limit herself to one decade, it just depends on the cut, color and pattern. She said, “Next time you see me here, I’ll be in something completely different.”

Just imagine when your wardrobe will be sold as vintage clothing. What stories will your clothes reveal?

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