What’s Your Wardrobe’s Theme Song?

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Grand Central StationHave you ever seen that episode of Family Guy where Peter wishes he had theme music that plays accordingly with his life situations? How cool would it be to have your own theme song that followed you throughout the day and changed with your mood and surroundings? It would take a lot of the guesswork out for the people around us. That’s what we do with our daily style in a way- we send a message out to the people around us what kind of mood we’re in. But with the amount of black I wear daily people would probably assume that I’m either perpetually depressed or that I don’t like to sort laundry.

Whenever I’m getting dressed and piling on gold accessories with one of my many moto jackets, I imagine some cross between Linkin Park and Shakira playing in the background (still keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll get together for a collaboration). For the rest of the day I have some dramatic mysterious beat following me while I people watch from behind my sunglasses.

NYCI went to Grand Central to see what the theme songs of our street stylers wardrobes are.

TumblrI ran into the MR.Mura Mura who you may recognize from Tumblr. The do-it-all photographer, stylist, graphic artist was snapping pictures while waiting for his girlfriend to arrive. The theme song to his wardrobe is “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.

TattoosHe says, “The song hasn’t even released yet. The teaser is only a minute long and I listen to it on repeat every morning.”  Such a feel good song to go with his positive and friendly attitude and funky style. Check out the tats and kicks. Bring back the 90s like MR.Mura Mura and tie a GANT RUGGER flannel plaid shirt around your waist.

New York CityCourtny, MR.Mura Mura’s girlfriend, arrived a little after. She was sporting a beanie with “Mura,” her beau’s name, to go along with her laid-back style. Would you believe she’s 6 months pregnant? When asked what her wardrobe theme song was she replied, “I’m so simple… but I listen to a lot of Rihanna.” Get the look with TEXTILE Elizabeth and James camo pants.


JewelryMelissa was strutting through Grand Central with her headphones in. Her wardrobe theme song is “Losing You” by Solange. She was strutting to N.E.R.D at the moment though. Lookout for her clothing label “Maison de Bare.” You can be a jewelry layering master just like Melissa with a Jennifer Zeuner cursive love necklace.

Whatever your theme song is, sing it loud and don’t be ashamed of your musical inability. If you ever have doubt in yourself just remember – William Hung’s net worth is $1.5 million.

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