Current/Elliott, Feel The Piece & Generation Love Perfect for Any Super Bowl Party!

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Super BowlOh, football. For those ladies out there who love the sport, or just pretend to enjoy it so their boyfriend stays happy, Super Bowl XLVII is this Sunday! Brothers Jim and John Harbaugh, of the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, will be going head to head on Sunday. No matter what, the end result will be bittersweet knowing that your brother won…but also that your brother won.

Super Bowl may not be the most glamorous of occasions but there's no reason to not look your best even if the dress code requires sweats. Even though a football jersey might not be in your wardrobe, you will definitely be able to find a few of these key items to sport on game day. Take a look after the jump!

Super Bowl is all about being comfortable, especially when there's seven-layer dip flying around and the chances of ending up in a beer shower is likely. Speaking of food…you'll want to wear comfortable pants if you plan on eating a lot with the endless amounts of finger foods at your fingertips (pun intended).

Party Attire

Opt for super comfortable and stretchy Feel The Piece flared pants. They are way more stylish than your old high school sweatpants so you'll definitely feel a bit more dressed up. If you aren't into wearing sweatpants, go with destroyed skinny jeans since they already have that relaxed vibe.

Easily dress up your Super Bowl outfit with this chic and comfortable denim shirt by Current/Elliott. Tuck it in to a pair of slouchy pants for an effortless look. You can also try a Generation Love sweater with leather sleeves paired with skinny jeans.  For an even more laid back look, throw on a Brian Lichtenberg Homies sweatshirt.

Which team will you be rooting for this Sunday?

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