The Stages of Love – Part Three

9:59 AM

Valentine's Day

Stage 3: You're Officially a Couple 

Ok so you're past the infatuation stage and now you're seriously dating this person. It's lasted a good amount of time, say six months or so. Things are going great and you have an adorable, fun and carefree relationship. You do spontaneous things and there's never a dull moment between you two.

You don't feel the need to go overboard and impress your partner because you know they love you for who you are. Something special and romantic is definitely planned (a candlelit dinner, perhaps?) and you need a go-to outfit.

A Torn by Ronny Kobo peplum top is a great option for a romantic dinner. Its peplum flare has a flattering silhouette and adds a playful touch. Team it with lusciously soft Vince leather jeans for a bit of edge.

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