The Stages of Love – Part Two

12:58 PM

Stage 2: We Just Met, But I Think I'm in Love

The first stage of all (if not, most…I hope) is infatuation. Ladies, you all know when you first meet someone and you really hit it off, you're totally smitten. “Oh my gosh, you won't believe where we went on our first date.” “I know we just met but I can really see this going somewhere.”  “We're soul mates.” 

These phrases are normally heard in Stage 2. No need to be embarrassed, we've all been there! You two little lovebirds might be heading to a new bar that just opened or a fun concert. So, what's a perfect outfit to wear when spending Valentine's Day with your recent-but-totally-in-love boyfriend?

Opt for destroyed skinny jeans with an effortlessly cool camo jean jacket featuring soft leather sleeves. Layer a comfortable Splendid tank underneath.

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