Handbags vs. Clutches: The Ultimate Comparison

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A quick glance through stores, boutiques or online stores can overwhelm even the most fashion conscious ladies that want to treat themselves to a new bag this season. With fashion trends and longevity to consider, the endless trove of small and large, round and angled, minimal and detailed handbags could leave you feeling overwhelmed and indecisive. By considering a few points about your own lifestyle you can find the perfect bag for you, without getting too hung up on the different kinds available.


Where Would You Wear It?joie

Before you get excited looking at the huge range of bags in front of you, one of the most important factors to consider before choosing your style is what you intend on using it for. Bags that are for the workplace will change considerably from the bags that you’ll be using for a night out. Office  bags, in particular, need an element of practicality that’ll make messenger types, like the joie Mabel Bag, more appropriate than a casual looking handbag. Whilst the right kinds of handbags can also venture into the workplace, the clutch bag is almost never seen in this kind of environment and frankly looks bizarre in this setting.


Purses For Parties: Which One Should It Be?

If you’re in need of a new purse for parties or a night out, the multitasking handbag won’t let you down. The handbag is ideal for most occasions from dates to weddings, and won’t restrict your movements at all. The clutch can fill the same role as a handbag, however, the commitment of having to hold it at all time could see it lose its appeal early on.

If you’re in a social atmosphere where you hope to have a drink in your hand or hit the dance floor, then there’s every chance that you could put your clutch down and completely forget about it until you go to pay for that next drink. The classy allure of a clutch could be wasted in these situations where a handbag would fulfill the role a lot easier.

Which Design Is Most Luxurious?

If you’re looking for a more luxurious bag then you may have difficulty picking between the two for those formal occasions. If you’re in a situation of formality or an elegant party, then a clutch bag definitely wins this round. Handbags, on the other hand, while a great all-rounder for most occasions, falls short of elegance in comparison. That being said, there are a few handbags that have such an elegant design that you may only be able to imagine yourself wearing it with your best formal attire – certainly not with some simple jeans, that's for sure! Juliette Jake

Whilst the superior choice, clutch bags aren’t without their downfalls. You may not feel like you have enough freedom of movement as you would with a handbag, but if you want to look truly lady-like, the clutch is what you have to go for. Opt for a wraparound, crocodile-skin Juliette Jake clutch.

Though a handbag is significantly more flexible and can be worn in a broad list of occasions, the clutch bag is the number one choice for both formal occasions and evenings out where you want to give off an air of elegance.

Finding the perfect bag to suit your own image doesn’t have to be a difficult task! In fact, if you wanted to make sure your style was all your own and wouldn’t be found on every other girl on the high street then you want to consider some alternative stores for something truly unique.

Tell us! Do you wear clutches or handbags more?

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