How To: Perfectly Distress a Pair of Jeans

10:41 AM

There's something about distressed denim that I'm in love with. Perhaps, it's the way each fray and rip wears in perfectly to the contours of my legs with each wear? The fact they already have that broken in feel and I don't have to do squats to make them stretch a bit? Ladies, I know you know what I'm talking about. Or they are just simply effortless and chic.

I stumbled across this amazing, detailed tutorial on the Free People blog, BLDG 25, showing you how to perfectly distress a pair of jeans. It really doesn't take any time at all to create a truly unique pair of jeans. Plus, you only need a few tools: a sharp razor blade (be careful!), card stock, scissors, sandpaper and a dremel, which is optional.

D-IDDistressing your own denim is also a great way to let your creativity (or stress) out. Also, no one else will ever have the same pair because you're the only one who created them. Start off with a pair of classic jeans like D-ID Florence Ankle Skinny Jean in Victoria or Skinny Jean in Clear Charing and get distressing!

Tell us! Have you ever distressed your own jeans?

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