Trends to Try for the Upcoming Winter Season

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Winter BluesThere are many people who are willing to look fashionable but are sometimes at a loss as to how to do this. For instance, most people often have a very difficult time figuring out what kind of clothes to wear during winter. For most, the fact that it’s very cold makes them go for functionality rather than form when shopping for winter clothes. This means that they sacrifice fashion just to be comfortable.

However, the fact of the matter is that you can get the best of both worlds if you are interested in it. There are a few fashion trends that are poised to be very popular during the winter and which still remain fashionable. Some of these include:

SkirtsThe Fluted Skirt: You could decide to go for a fluted skirt over the winter instead of a regular pencil skirt. The fact that fluted skirts have a kick hemline makes them a lot more practical since they make walking easier especially when it’s raining or snowing. For extra comfort you should go for fluted skirts made out of wool or related fabrics for more warmth. Labels that offer excellent fluted skirts for the winter include Carolina Herrera and Erdem.

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PlaidTartan: In terms of print, you will find it difficult to go wrong with tartan this season. The fact that labels such as Clements Ribeiro and Moschino have focused on this a lot more for the coming season means that it’s going to be a hit. It’s also going to be easy for you to find the variety you need from tartan clothes as you can get anything from head to toe gear to short, chic but warm clothing.

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DressesRoll Neck Tops and Dresses: Many people think that roll necks are actually very difficult to wear. Nothing could be further from the truth. These kinds of clothing are actually very practical and very easy to wear. The fact that they protect your neck makes them even more comfortable for the winter season. If you are interested in buying a roll neck dress or top for the winter you should opt for those made out of silk or other thin knit. The chunky fabrics might seem warmer but they don’t have the same aesthetic appeal as the thinner ones. Besides, if you get a thin knit roll neck of high quality, it’s likely to be just as warm as the chunkier tops out there.

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PrintBlue Camo: Camouflage print might seem to be out-dated but you can be sure that it will make a comeback this season. If you are interested in looking as chic as possible you should specifically go for the blue camouflage designers such as Michael Kors, Christopher Kane and Marques Almeida have a lot of such products on offer, which just goes to show that it’s really going to be the print to watch out for in winter.

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Oversized Pink Coats: For many people, oversized clothing of any kind is a no-no. However, this is a concept that is going to be challenged in the coming season since oversized coats (specifically those in pink) are likely to be en vogue. Carven, Rochas and Unique have presented these in various fashion events which just goes to show that it’s really going to be a hit.

This is just a short guide as to the trends that are set to be popular in the coming winter season. If you are looking to be both chic and comfortable, it would be a good idea for you to consider some of these ideas.

Author Bio: Katie Day, blogger who researchers and talks about the latest fashion trends and styles for Tinned Bananas. Come and see our winter collection by visiting our site.
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