Summer Fashions that Transition into Fall

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We all want to get the most out of our wardrobe—especially if we paid for quality items. But as the summer sun fades to autumn’s greyer skies and orange leaves, you might find yourself forced to contemplate a shift in your wardrobe.

There are, of course, some things you’ll have to drop your hard-earned cash for like a leather jacket, perhaps. However, here are a few items you can get value out of even as the weather changes. 

Feel The PieceAnything Emerald: If you’ve bought anything in Emerald Green, 2013’s official Pantone Color of the year, you can still count on it for fall and winter. Emerald was featured, along with other greens, in many designers’ Fall 2013 collections (Marc Jacobs, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Prabal Gurung, just to name a few). So any green accessories or basics you have, especially emerald ones, will fit right in with your winter wardrobe.

Items in picture:

LeopardClassic Patterns: Some things never go completely out of style. Even though the last few seasons have seen a lot of geometric patterns, Fall 2013 is seeing a return to plaids, pinstripes, leopard (including in colors that would make Lisa Frank proud), and houndstooth (which is seeing its biggest comeback in recent years).

Long story short: that plaid button-up, leopard purse or pair of flats, and houndstooth bag you couldn’t part with? Still good! Your pinstripe blazer can now come into the office with pride, and you have that much less to buy at the mall!

Items pictured above:

ScarvesSummer Scarves: You probably have a few silk, pashmina, or other lightweight scarves left over from summer—these will still work as viable fashion accessories, especially in early autumn before the temperature drops too much. Use it to accompany/dress up a top at work, add some spice to a purse, or perk up a hairdo you’re bored with. Use it as a wrap to vary your favorite dress for dates and outings. Fold and tie a wide one into a thin vest to wear over a monochromatic top. You can use scarves as more than just something to cover your neck!

Shop the scarves above:

JacketsDenim Vests/Jackets: These items are a staple in any season; depending on the quality of the denim in question they can go with anything from the humble t-shirt to the most luxe of button-downs. A vest can be paired with long sleeves as easily as easily as with short sleeves, not to mention that Donatella Versace’s collection (among others) included punk rock elements to make Joan Jett, the Runaways, and the Clash very proud. So bring over the denim to add some classy punk elements to your fall outfits.

Items pictured:

LeatherLeather: There was hardly a runway show for Fall 2013 collections without a little leather at least. From classic jackets and boots to dress details and even full leather ensembles, it’s clear that leather lovers can rejoice.

Any leather accessories—shoes, jewelry, etc.—are still good to go!

Shop these leather items:

Torn by Ronny KoboPeplum: The cut that wouldn’t die is still alive and well in a variety of fabrics, from the usual, to military-inspired outfits, to even the full-on leather outfits. So if you’ve found a peplum shape top you love, you can keep on loving it through to Spring—and who knows? It will probably still be there.

Items pictured above:

JewelryStatement Earrings: If you have a pair of big earrings you absolutely adore (or four), the good news is that earrings this season are anything but understated. If some of the models can get away with glorified chopsticks through their earlobes, you can absolutely get away with your largest pieces.

Shop these statement earrings:

Eugenia KimHats: There were so many hats at New York Fashion Week! Most notable was the return with a vengeance of the beanie, but fedoras and even the floppy hats we saw all summer were there. So if there’s a hat you wore all summer in a fall-friendly fabric, go ahead and top off your outfits with it!

Shop hats pictured above:

 About the Author: Elizabeth Lancaster is a professional writer and self-proclaimed shopaholic. Before that, she worked at a boutique, a bakery, and a website design and development company. She puts her skills to use helping people find the right products and services. Her favorite things to shop for are shoes and home decor.
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