Summer Prints and How to Stop Traffic

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Summer has officially arrived in New York City. Everyone is breaking out their shorts, breezy fabrics and flirty dresses. This summer is the summer of prints and brights. Loud, fun, obnoxious, novelty prints and bold, saturated colors. Prints of all kinds including florals, animal, skulls, paisley, preppy, you name it. I myself love bold abstract and tribal statement prints. It’s a great way to stand out in NYC.

New Yorkers are all in an unspoken competition to see who can stand out the most and make a statement. Life here is about celebrating individuality and having others notice and acknowledge it. But in a place where the competition and ambition are high, no one will notice you if you don’t give them a reason to.  Incorporating a colorful print into your outfit is a simple eye catching way to spark interest.  Check out the bright summer prints on these street stylers in Little Italy.


Lexi knows how to make a statement in her brights pair with metallics and gems. She described her typical summer style as “ripped, bright, and combat boots.” Get the look with an Equipment Reese Striped Top and a pair of high-waist shorts. Accessorize  with some bling to be just as bold as Lexi.

New York City

Elisa was looking super sweet in her peach print dress paired with her white cap-toe wedge pumps. Her summer style is “eclectic, bright, and classic.” Try a Gypsy 05 Cami Floral Mini Dress for the same sweet flirty look.

Street Style

Jazsalyn somehow managed to pull off looking laid back and lively in her bohemian brights. She describes her summer style as “eccentric, colorful, and free.” Try the Pencey Printed Legging in blue for a colorful bohemian look like Jazsalyn.

Now that you have the statement making wardrobe secrets you just need to figure out how you are going to out-do the hula hooping violinist I keep seeing performing in the subway.

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