Welcome to the Future: Synthetic Is In

10:23 AM

This week I attended a trend forecast presentation by David Wolfe for my design job. For those of you who don't know what that means – I watched a guy in flamingo print golf pants talk about what all of us will be wearing a year from now. At these gatherings we discuss world events and their influences on fashion. The main focus of this particular meeting? The future and technology. My mind was BLOWN with all the cool tech that's already out and some soon to be released.

Here are 10 facts and wardrobe options to bring you into the future:

London1. The Yo Sushi restaurant in England has flying droids assisting the waitstaff. FLYING. They bring the food to your table on mini helicopters that travel faster than a human waiter/waitress (up to 25mph).


 2. Etre Fivepoint Wool Gloves allow you to text and use touchscreen devices without having to take your gloves off thanks to the contactwoven ® fingertips.

3. Japan created a robot companion for an astronaut who went on a solo mission. Not only are robots replacing waiters, but they're replacing your FRIENDS. The robot was 13.4 inches and 2.2 lbs. Think about it as a mini version of iRobot with Will Smith.

4. For all you lazy bums, there's a scooter that is basically the hybrid of a Segway and skateboard that propels you in the direction you lean. If you have been wondering how to get rid of that annoyance of walking – your problems are solved.

Style Stalker5. Girl, are you from outer space? Because those pants are outta this world! Style Stalker Space Jam Pants are a futuristic must have for your closet.

6. Soon you won't have to turn steering wheels or step on pedals. The Mercedes SCL600 is powered by joystick.

7. Just look up the hyperloop, a new means of public transportation, and remember these words: “magnetic power.” Soon we won’t even need oil.

Fresh Tops8. Fresh Tops Hologram Love Crop Top will have you looking like you just stepped out of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century….Zetus lapetus! What ever happened to her?

Dita Von Teese9. Iris van Herpen created an entirely 3D polymer printed dress. Its mesh construction allows the dress to move with the wearer. No sewing or fabric, but way more expensive.

Alexis10. What is more futuristic and effortlessly chic than a pair of Alexis Cober Leather Track Pants in electric blue? Nothing.

Soon we will be a lazy – erh I mean- efficient society of coexisting humans and robots decked out in pleather and metallic. Synthetic is in.

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