291 from Venice- Fashionista’s “Soul Food” at Singer22

9:26 AM

One cannot survive alone on a steady diet of skinny jeans and stilettos. The same way, salad and fish may be good for the body, but indulging in Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food is good for the soul. Think of 291 Venice as the fashionista’s soul food. After days and nights on end in Jimmy’s and J Brands, even the most hard-core, deserve a break. And that is when then they turn to 291, the laid back line of tees, hoodies, and pants.


Created by three longtime friends, a husband and wife duo and their mate of over 10 years, their first collection debuted in Spring 2008. Born out of the relaxed beach culture of Venice California, the design aesthetic takes its inspiration from the 1970's bohemian era, nature, and vintage graphics.  Comfortable and casual, each piece is made with the modern traveler in mind. Silhouettes are clean and simple with bright color palettes and eco- friendly graphics, the ideal dress-down uniform for Hollywood's young jet set.

An ongoing theme in the Spring 2009 collection is music, a constant on the beaches of Venice. The Bare Girl tank exhibits the natural essence of the ultimate Venice hippie chic, while the Love and Music tunic shows off 291's use of bold graphics and is also available in four colors. Pretty in pink, the Live with Music tunic is in a tissue weight fabric and perfect for layering. If you're not feeling the music, than Feel the Sunshine– the tunic is also offered in four different color ways, again showcasing bright and funky graphics. To round out what is new for Spring 09, 291 from Venice goes Back to the Roots with a pullover hoodie.

Lucky for us there is plenty more 291 to lounge around in, from logo sweatshirts and pants, to nature-themed tees and tunics- even better, all on sale, so start your collection now!

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