5 Great Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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Note to ladies:  You will not be judged for leaving this window "conveniently" open on the computer.

Note to guys:  Take the hint.

Valentine's Day is going to sneak up on you this year, and nothing screams "he waited until the last minute" more than getting your typical chocolate and flowers.  Wow your loved one this year with a gift that has thoughtfulness and individuality behind it.  Not only do we have 5 amazing gifts you can surprise her with, but we also have 5 great ideas that go along with them.

As seen above:

Koolaburra Josephine Boots ~ Brian Lichtenberg Sequin Dress ~ Jennifer Zeuner Love Bracelet ~ Cleobella Nevaeh Handbag ~ Feel The Piece Fame Sweater

1. Be Bold With Booties – Every girl wants a pair of Koolaburra boots but may be hesitant to spoil herself.  If you go bold and get her these amazingly stylish and practical boots, be sure you sneak into her closet to get her correct size.  You could easily pair this gift with a note that mentions how you're taking her horseback riding or picnicking for the day.  A perfect opportunity for her to break in her new beauties…err booties.

2. Show Her She Is A "Pretty Woman" – Take your hottie out for a lavish night on the town.  Every girl dreams of playing dress up!  Pick out a dress you can't wait to see her in, wrap it up with a bow on top and present it to her before she gets ready. Be sure you make reservations for dinner ahead of time.  Or, you can pair this dress with tickets to a play or concert.

3. Jewelry Always Wins – You can never go wrong with jewelry, unless your girl just never wears any.  And nothing screams love more than, well, a love bracelet.  If you haven't been struck by cupid with "love" quite yet, Jennifer Zeuner has some other amazing jewelry pieces that will definitely sweep her off her feet. You could pair this gift with a sweet card mentioning how much she means to you.

4. Women + Handbag = Happy – A girls best friend is her handbag and she can never have too many best friends.  As seen on Fergie, the Cleobella bag is a perfect option to trend any outfit and is great for day or night. Bonus points?  Put accessories inside the bag that she'll find handy. Such as a mini lint brush & gum.

5. Snuggle Up With Her Sweater – Don't want to fight the Valentine's Day crowd?  Stay home!!! If you choose to be a home body on heart day, just be sure you do it right.  Cook a nice dinner, light some candles and gift your sweetheart with a snuggly sweater that you two can curl up on the couch with. When she opens her sweater, have 3 chick flick films in the wing (her choice!).

Other Hints:

– Always give a card with a sweet note written in it. Or, an even better option is to make your own hand-made card. The more personality you put into gifts, the better.

– Think outside the box. When you are gifting something, make a theme out of the gift.  Boots = outdoors.  Dress = night out. And so on….

– Always wrap the gift. (enough said)


Happy Valentine's Day!

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