6126 Leggings @Singer22

11:46 AM


I absolutely love leggings. I match them with everything from cropped jeans to cut off shorts. They are perfect alone with an over sized tee too. www.singer22.com has 6126 Leggings by Lindsay Lohan in stock now. I love her line. Especially the leopard print leggings. They are bold but fabulous. Her legging line is cute and different. I love the fact that she wears her own line and she looks great in every pair she wears.


My favorite look by Lindsay Lohan is the Sweetheart Leggings in black. These are a sleek but sexy plain pair of black leggings. They can be worn with anything. I love how she matched these with a brilliant bright blue top and matching booties with a studded jacket over top. Its a sexy, fierce look.


Lindsay and her friends love to sport her new line everywhere they go. Wear them with cute flats or sexy heels. I love the Dom 17″ Gold Zipper Leggings. They are Fab and I love how the zipper on the side of these actually comes up farther than any other pair of zipper leggings i have ever seen.

So when your looking for a delicious pair of leggings, look no farther than www.singer22.com.
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