7 for all Mankind & Singer22.com Spread the Love!

1:14 PM

I will admit to being a denim junkie and while the labels aren't changing the denim certainly is! I've come to the realization that denim leggings are all I want to wear and while I can never retire my good old classis, my denim leggings are in heavy rotation! And – unlike men and chocolate, you can have many pairs of these and not feel bad about it!

Ashley Simpson looks post baby fabulous wearing the 7 for all Manking Gummy Gwenevere Denim Leggings in Indigo Wash (pictured above). Do you believe in love at first sight!? Ok when it comes to fashion, I do; they're comfy enough to be totally curled up watching CW, and hot enough to throw on some stilettos and hit the town! I mean what's NOT to love? Singer22.com spreads the love and just in time for Valentine's day…(hint leave the Singer22.com link open on your boyfriend's laptop) Chocolate and flowers are so overrated!

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