A++ for Twenty8Twelve

4:28 PM

From a very early age their paths were set. They didn't know it at the time but when Savannah made Sienna's first fancy dress costume at the age of eight, the wheels were set in motion for a perfect partnership. Their respective obsessions were acted out from day 1 with Savannah knitting on pencils while Sienna wrote plays at every spare opportunity. Ultimately determination won and Sienna ended up at Lee Strasbourg film institute and Savannah at St Martins. On completing their respective training they moved in together and the seed of twenty8twelve was planted. It was only natural that Savannah would fit her work on Sienna and Sienna would give comments and they found that their different approaches and ideas complemented each other. When they were approached by Spanish entrpeneur, Carlos Ortega to turn this dream in to reality it felt like a logical and organic step to take and twenty8twelve was born. The rest is history.

I adore the new Twenty8Twelve pieces we just got in.  With every garment that Sienna makes, I feel there is a part of her own style reflected in it.  Soft but edgy and timeless with a touch of trend is (in a few words) how to explain this line.

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