Absolutely Nothing Beats A Comfortable Classic White T-Shirt By Kova & T!

9:00 AM

kovatjpg.gifkovat2jpg.gif Everyone has their absolute favorite T-shirt! If you’ve ever worn a Kova & T you’d say it was your fav, too! There’s nothing quite like a comfortable and classic white T. This wonderful white T is plain and simple while still having an adorable appeal. Made with 100% cotton this Amsterdam T-shirt will feel super soft! This long, slim top is slightly form fitting and super flattering! You will always need a terrific T-shirt for looking casual and cute! This one is perfect for those comfy days. Couple this with a sophisticated pair of Kova & T jeans for a fabulous look! You can actually wear a white T with almost anything so mix and match with shorts, skirts, or capris. Wear white with khaki or navy blue for a traditional look. Make a totally different outfit by wearing bright colors. You can even use this to layer under clothes to keep yourself warm without adding bulk to your body. Be fashionable and feel fabulous in this adorable top!

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