Adhering to the Rules of the Season ~ As set forth by Harper’s Bazaar!

3:09 PM

February's Harper's Bazaar has this coming season's trends down to a tee…and wow…I can't wait! The red lace Erdem dress above is to die for. Don't we all dream about wearing pieces like this, right off the runway? Well, you can dream OR get over it and get the next best thing at Singer22!

So, what's heating things up this Spring ~ Romantic lace & “lingerie-inspired frocks”, Blazers & Bows, Strappy shoes & Stripes…oh my! You know you can count on Singer to be full of great options to help you adhere to the “rules of the season”!

All of the whimsically romantic lace dresses featured are by brand Nightcap Clothing. Gorgeous dresses that accentuate your figure! Absolutely timeless!

Be bold with stripes. Singer has a fabulous variety of striped pieces.

Singer's got your menswear inspirations covered with these chic black boyfriend blazers!

BIG Bows are so much fun for Spring ~ especially on this adorable black dress!

And what would Spring be without some ultra HOT strappy shoes!

Thanks to some tips from Bazaar & numerous options from Singer22, you will be totally prepared to put your best foot forward. Now, YOU are in the know about what is H O T this season, so no excuses ladies…get shoppin'!

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    I can’t think of a descent reply =( Just wanted you to notice i was here =P

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    Hi : )

    Purchasing on the internet or in-store? which do you realy like? just wondering lol.. i favor in-store just because i hate waiting for it to come!

    Many thanks

  5. Vanessa Grannis says:

    I love both really! The benefit of shopping in-store is the instant gratification you get from your purchase…although shopping online has afforded me some of my best deals! =)

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    YaY! You are welcome!

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    I noticed! Enjoy!

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    Thank You!!