Alexis Summer Style

12:12 PM

Flowy, feminine, light, chic – what else do you need in a wardrobe? I've been introduced to the brand Alexis and I really don't think I need to shop anywhere else. They have everything I need. Dresses, chic pants, girly tops, cover ups, bathing suits. The list goes on. Not only do they make the perfect floor length dresses, but the cover ups are floor length as well. It's a very glamourous look, a bathing suit with a floor length sheer cover up. At first I put it on with jeans and a tank top but then was told this was for over bathing suits. I loved the idea. I also loved how a lot of the prints are done in snakeskin, which normally I shy away from – but the print isn't cheesy at all. It is super chic and subtle. They also added in slits, but not just an ordinary slit, the super high ones that show just the right amount of leg

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