American Gold Fall/Winter 2011 Now Available for Pre-Order!

1:32 PM

American Gold was born in 2008 by Suzanne Ford Carafano in an effort to express her love of fashion from bygone eras. Drawing inspiration from her personal vintage collections, American Gold’s pieces evoke the charm of Old California, the magic of New Mexico, the mystery of New Orleans, and sleeping under desert stars. In short, American Gold is an American girl’s celebration of the rich and varied culture that makes her country great. Shop American Gold on SINGER22 & see the entire collection here:

True to its name, American Gold is proudly designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. With an insistence on high quality construction and attention to detail, every American Gold piece is intended to be a keepsake that survives the ebb and flow of the trends of the moment. In this effort, Suzanne works closely with designer and production guru, Breanna Tharaldson, brother, Christopher Ford, and partner & husband, Vincent Carafano.

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