Ani Lee & Me

3:03 PM

Sorry I've been a little MIA – I had my wisdom teeth pulled on saturday (PAINFUL), but I made it in the day before to shoot some of the new pieces that had come in. I was so happy to walk into a dressing room of colorful bright summer mini dresses. I am a June baby, so to see these immediately struck the idea of birthday outfits. The Ani Lee strapless dresses are the perfect fit and honestly make anyone look sexy. It comes in this amazing orange which normally I would never go for, but once trying it on it was sort of a must-have in my wardrobe. With some cute necklaces and rings this dress could be the perfect night time go to outfit for the summer. The white and pink would suit the Hamptons perfectly on a night out – with a tan these dresses are sure to be the perfect piece. I paired them with the Sam Edelman pump – which I'm having a hard time choosing between. There is a black t-strap one and then a nude one, while they're both classics, I feel I should go with nude for summer, it goes with everything. I've never heard of Anni Lee until I worked at Singer and I'm so lucky to be introduced to all these amazing brands. After trying on all the new Ani Lee dresses, I checked out their link on Singer22 and saw some of the other dresses they made and of course they were pieces in the past that I absolutely loved. I think I have a new summer crush :)…


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