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1:08 PM

There are a few thoughts that consistently come to mind when dreaming of Alice + Olivia, among them being flattering, ultra- feminine, Saturday night, jealousy, and need. But only recently does the word mom come into play. Yes, founding designer Stacey Bendet has two new beauties to debut: her baby daughter Eloise and the baby-doll recently seen strolling on the red-carpet, the silk Alice + Olivia Drapey Panel Dress as seen on Nikki Reed and Khloe Kardashian. In subtly black or deliciously blackberry—a gem like huge that is sure to pop in an expected sea of sequins come New Years—the luxurious fabric ties halter style and cascades like a waterfall down an open back. Careful though, this dress, among any of the other Alice + Olivia threads from, could quickly become your new precious acquisition of the holiday season.

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