Baby, it is REALLY Cold Outside!

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A snowstorm on the East Coast? Raining like cats and dogs on the West Coast? I guess winter 2010 is making itself at home and we have to brave it. It's time to take out your winter gear, dears! Singer22 has what you need (and, possibly, want?) to stay warm, chic, and cozy indoors during these winter storms!

If you are a lazy gal, like myself, you can still look good! There is nothing wrong with staying inside during the snowstorm, right? Of course! Why don't you lay down and relax for a bit. I mean, after the stress of holiday shopping, hosting the Christmas party, and entertaining guests, you deserve a lie-in! BUT, that does not give you an excuse to walk around in a ratty tee and hoodie and a holey sweater. Singer22 has a variety of pieces for indoor winter fun.

1. Jet by John Eshaya Hooded Sweater | 2. Wildfox Love Bones Oversized Hoodie | 3. Wildfox Love is Everything Flashdance Sweatershirt | 4. Wilt Boxy Tee | 5. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Long Sleeve Low-Back Top | 6. Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Blanket Sweater

Keep your toesies warm! You do need those to function, yes? Good thing Singer22 has some footwear way cooler than Crocs, toe socks, and gym socks! Have fun with these furry boots – trust me, your piggies will thank you for it!

1. Koolaburra Haley Boot | 2. Koolaburra Taylor Boot | 3. Australian Luxe Collective Almost Famous Short Fame Sock Boot | 4. Australian Luxe Collective Bedouin Short Lace Up Boot | 5. Koolaburra Savanity Wedge Boot | 6. Australian Luxe Collective Nordic Angel Boot | 7. Australian Luxe Collective Foxy Trim Boot

What would you do indoors during a snowstorm? Finish cleaning up? Take down the Christmas tree? Enjoy your holiday gifts? Write thank-you letters? Finish those Christmas chocolates and cookies? Okay, so maybe hide in the corner and then finish those sweet treats (you do not want anyone to catch you!). But, if you are feeling the “sweets' guilt.” stay active while you're indoors! Crank up the dance music (or turn on the Wii Fit) and work off those elle-bees!

1. Wilt Sweatshirt | 2. Wilt Shrunken Sweatshirt | 3. breadandbutter Cropped Inside-Out Sweatshirt | 4. Love Sam Sweatshirt with Beading | 5. Nation Ltd. Cabo Sweatshirt

1. Wildfox Desert Eagle Feathers Gidget Pants | 2. Monrow Vintage Sweatpants | 3. LnA Plain Bell Leggings | 4. LnA Slouch Legging | 5. Nightcap Clothing Foldover Flare Pant | Rebel Yell Hollywood Boyfriend Pant

Baby, it is cold outside, so promise you will stay warm, do not be a rebel and go out in something threadbare, please! Winter apparel is Singer22's favorite of the year, and we want to share this with you. Think of it as a belated holiday gift…

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