Back to Basics

4:32 PM

Consider this:  Why do we spend the least on basics–the things that we wear the most?  If we're going to subject ourselves to something every day, isn't that where we should really be investing?  Well, if you're looking for luxe basics, look no further than Pencey Standard.

A gorgeous maxi skirt that hugs in all the right places, this piece is a great building block for a comfy-chic wardrobe.  It also features a lace-up detail that adds a unique and subtly-sexy vibe.  Pair this with a slinky tank top, vintagey denim jacket, and summery fedora, and you've got yourself an effortless look that totally embodies “cool-girl” style.

Pencey has mastered the difficult science of draping–evidenced by the gorgeous Sobo top.  I also love that the grey version has contrasting piping around the neck and sleeves.  Another subtle detail that really makes this not-so-basic basic tee stand apart from the crowd.

My final favorite piece is the football tank.  I have one of these myself, and it's seriously the most perfect way to throw together an outfit that screams effortless chic.  It's also a way to ooze sex appeal–who doesn't love a little side-boob?  A girlie take on a manly basic, this top is perfect in that strangely sexy equation: oversized menswear + something tight and feminine = totally irresistible.

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