Basics… not so basic.

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Basic pieces are such important pieces to have in anyone’s wardrobe. Basics are those perfect staple items that tie together just about any outfit. Referring to football, think of these pieces as the defense line of your wardrobe; although not the flashiest, or the most expensive, the basic pieces are there to pull together your favorite embellished jacket or YSL bag. Consider the basic white tee as the safety of your closet. Think of how it can easily tie together those flashier, or trending, pieces while keeping things balanced. Basic pieces support the rest of your wardrobe.

With the being said, good quality fabrics are a major key in buying any items. Imagine youfind your favorite white tee- it’s comfortable and fits you in all the right places but it starts to pill, fast. When you buy quality fabric, and treat your clothes right, your favorite basic pieces will last you years. Minnie Rose is perfect for finding those quality, basic pieces. You can never have too many staple basics in your closet.

Minnie Rose Basic Sweaters

About the Author: Amber is a fashion blogger living in Canada with a love for classic staples amongst a modern twist. On her website, Love, Amber Victoria, you’ll find fashion inspiration as well as new beauty and topics on life and love.

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