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11:27 AM

Leather Vest

As with most people (I think) I like to put a face to the name. I love reading blogs, naturally, and one of the first things I always do is read the "about" section because I like to know a little something about the writer. Blogs are such a personal way to communicate through technology and it's nice to have an idea of who's behind the screen. So, on that note…

Hi! I'm Rachel 🙂 I'm the Editor of the SINGER22 blog and I also write all the product descriptions for the online site. Here are some random facts about me:

I am obsessed with food. I'm constantly eating and/or talking about food. My favorite food is sushi and obviously anything home-made.

If I could wear a tutu every day I totally would. People normally laugh when they hear this but I'm completely serious. Is it not normal for a 21-year-old to rock a tutu every day?

I'm a scorpio…the best sign ever!

If I could raid any celebrities closet it would be Kourtney Kardashian and Rachel Bilson.

I love love love to talk. I have an rapidly increasing collection of OPI nail polish.

My closet pretty much consists of shoes, jeans, sweaters and sheer floral tops.

I have a serious shoe addiction. I wish every time I opened my closet it would transform into a Christian Louboutin store.

What I'm Wearing: Rag & Bone/Jean Skinny Jean in caper, Veda Castor Vest, YARNZ Polygon Scarf, and Frye 8R Engineer Boot

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