Behind The Scenes: YARNZ Mailer

11:10 AM


Ever wonder what goes into the creative mailers for SINGER22? Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes shooting a mailer for YARNZ scarves…


First, our model, Katrina, gets her hair and makeup done by Rachel (who also works in our Customer Service department). During hair and makeup our stylist and photographer, Nicolle and Rebecca, determine the creative direction of the mailer.


After getting an idea of how the mailer should look, Nicolle pulls outfit options for the model. Since this mailer was for YARNZ scarves that have bold patterns and colors, they decided to keep the outfit neutral so the scarves really pop. Here's a peek at some aspects of our studio: jewelry for accessorizing, a clothing rack with staple pieces like blouses and jeans and a shoe rack to hold (most) our booties.


Katrina was posing in front of a bright light so the end result would be bright and the colors from the scarves would really come out. The finished product can be seen above and on our main site!

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