There is a Blu Moon A’Rising!

4:17 PM

With all of the colorful prints and comfortable fabrics, it's no wonder why celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Whitney Port are seen wearing Blu Moon. The array of different patterns keep heads turning and these celebrities are the first to know.

Whitney Port knows all about style. Hailing from The City (although unfortunately the show been confirmed as cancelled…boo), Whit lets her inner Cali girl shine with her long blonde locks and her Blu Moon Summer Lovin Maxi Dress in Orange Floral.

Vanessa Hudgens love for Blu Moon is no lie. Seen here, wonderfully modeling Blu Moon's vintage style in her expertly tucked Flirty Tank. The striped pattern keeps her outfit fresh and funky!

Blu Moon is currently on the rise, and Singer22 is watching every second.

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