2:09 PM

Finally, Boulee has come out with more colors! Kidding. They have every color dress in the book. I was excited to see brown though. Brown is big for fall and I've been on the hunt for a sexy go to little brown dress. How do we differentiate between LBD when it's not black? I was also excited when I saw they started making skirts in that material. It's perfect with tights and a white t-shirt. It's really flattering to the body and clings in all the right places. I had so much fun pairing the skirts with the Chan Luu jewelry. I over lapped and layered the pieces to spice up the look a little bit. While the skirts are very simple, they can be spiced up in so many different ways. They are a great staple for the closet this fall – can't wait to see what other colors they come up with! Shop BOULEE

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