Bring In Spring With This Glamorous Green Christopher Deane Luna Dress!

1:30 PM


There is one thing to remember, you can never go too green! We love this simple yet elegant Christopher Deane dress. This spring look fabulous in green! This gorgeous look is ideal for Saint Patrick’s Day, luncheons, showers, weddings and more. This sexy dress is so stylish! Christopher Deane loves the color green and so do we! You will adore this dress too with its unique neckline that has a twisted look. The fabric at the neck has little pleats for a fancy touch. The pleats add a little weight to the top of the dress making your girls look slightly bigger! You will look fabulous in this chic little dress. Accessorize this bold and brilliant dress with a metallic color. Once you pick a color, stick with it for a consistent and classy appeal. Strap-y heels will be perfect for this look. Wear some diamond earrings for added sparkle. A pretty little silver bracelet will tie this outfit together!

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