“Cause You’re Hot and You’re Cold…”

6:10 PM

On February 2nd of every year we eagerly anticipate the fate of winter- will he or wont he? On pins and needles we wait to hear if Mr. Groundhog can see his shadow. In that case, boot season lives on an additional six weeks. If no shadow in sight, we can start transferring cashmere for cotton.  Either way, this presents the never-ending quandary…what to wear? 


‘Tis the season for “Transitional Dressing”-this tricky time of year when the season and our dress code are both in limbo.  How does one keep warm when it’s still too cool to bust out your Madison Harding fringe thongs, but at the same time tired of piling on bulky sweaters? Help is here, courtesy of our favorite celebs, who seem to effortlessly pull off this tough test of fashion. 


Erin Wasson incorporated her KAiN pocket tank with the season’s hottest look, a boyfriend blazer, trashed jeans and rough and tough lace up boots to keep her toesies toasty. Both Hilton sisters wear their Sauce tunic with leggings and a seemingly familiar trend of the “segue-season” the leather jacket. Jessica looks super cool traipsing through the airport (where “transitional dressing” meets new highs) in her Veda Maximillian leather jacket, while Shenae warms up her floral dress in surprising green leather by Alice + Olivia.


Simply adding a scarf to any ensemble adds instant chic with the bonus factor of keeping warm. Ashley and Rachel both LOVE their Love Quotes-almost like candy, you cant have just one! And Fashion Goddess Nicole Richie accessorizes with a zebra print Tolani scarf and adorable baby Harlow in tow.


Always a way to freshen up the wardrobe and add new life to what now seems stale, is denim, denim and more denim. Only Sienna can pair Genetic's cigarette leg in silver, with a floppy hat, ray-bans, and red boots and manage to look smoking hot, regardless of what the thermometer says. Kate Bosworth looks, as usual, effortless in J Brand’s thrasher jeans combined with gray pieces and a bold-colored scarf. Style icons and “besties” Katie and Victoria both wear PRPS boyfriend fit in Rusty River. Katie keeps it city cool with an oversized v-neck sweater and ballet flats while on the west coast Victoria rocks it with a What Comes Around tee.


If all else fails and you’re still in a seasonal slump, do like Hillary and go for the ultimate statement bag- a Ted Rossi python tote which looks both hot and cool 365 days a year!

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