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Celebrity Style is easy if you shop at Singer22.com!

Celebrity Style is easy if you shop at Singer22.com!

We all have to admit that seeing an item of clothing or an accessory on a celebrity makes it that much more appealing, partly because they tend to wear it so very well. Singer22.com has culled it's greatest hits and top picks for celebrities starting with Wildfox Denim skinny jean in dark rip, as seen on Halle Berry. Wildfox denim and tees are a huge hit, especially the ripped skinny denim jean and the Wildfox Jaws Cutoff Tank, also seen on Halle Berry.

Kate Moss is often seen in Paige Premium Denim, whether it's the Paige Premium Denim verdugo jegging in Dusk or the Paige Premium Denim Silverlake shorts, she knows how to choose a leg lengthening jean.

Jen's Pirate Booty loose silk tops and ruffled tube tops are also making waves this summer with stars like Vanessa Hudgens wearing the Jen's Pirate Booty Cha Cha Tube top.

Winter Kate is not only worn by celebrites, but designed by one as well. Nicole Ritchie designed a full line of apparel and accessories with a vintage appeal such as the Winter Kate by Nicole Richie Jasmine Cardy as seen on Ashley Tisdale. Ranging from the Sequin Top to the Camilla Dress, the Winter Kate clothing line is full of bo-chic paisley and floral prints.

Blue Life is popular with Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Hudgens go for the casual cool comfort Blue Life promotes with thier line of tops and tees. Lindsay and Vanessa both sport the Blue Life Pocket Bum Tee.

Celebrity fave J Brand Denim also boasts a treasure trove of J Brand wearing celebrities from Kate Bosworth to Cindy Crawford to Ashley Tisdale in the J Brand Super Skinny Jean.

Blu Moon has a range of clothing from Short Shorts in floral patterns and light fabrics to the on-trend Blu Moon Militant Jacket as seen on Kim Kardashian.

So pick your favorite celebrity and match with their favorite lines and looks on Singer22.com!

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