Celebrity Favorite: Lindsay Lohan Loves Her LoveQuotes Dune Scarf!

8:00 AM

lovequotes1.jpglovequotes2.jpg Lindsay Lohan can’t get enough of her LoveQuote scarves! She has been spotted from LA to NY in colors from Coco Shell to Cherry Pie! She looks so pretty in this neutral dune color which matches her lovely leopard flats. She isn’t the only star who adores these scarves. Hillary Duff, Cameron Diaz, Nicky Hilton, Ashlee Simpson and more all have their own LoveQuotes too! You will love these LoveQuotes scarves too because they will make you feel great inside and out. These scarves are so soft and light. You will want to wear your Italian linen scarf with every outfit just like Lindsay. And to compliment your inner beauty, 10% of the proceeds are donated to international children’s charities. Each scarf is accompanied by an inspirational quote! Get your very own LoveQuote today! Be glamorous just like the rest of young Hollywood. This Dune color is neutral so it may be worn with jeans and flats like Lindsay. Keep yourself warm with a brown leather jacket and this scarf around your neck! Dress it up or dress it down but either way you will Love the way you look.

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