Celebrity Favorite: Sienna Miller Soaks Up The Spring In Her Silk Sundress!

8:00 AM

Sienna Miller looks sensational in her Gypsy 05 silk sundress! This charming tank dress is simple and sweet. Sienna adores this fabulous look. The tank cut on the top makes for a snug and stylish fit while the empire waist pleats for a flow-y feel. The hem is white which offsets the camel color of the rest of the dress picking up the white flower on the side! This gorgeousGypsy dress is a celebrity favorite! Get your very own and look just like Sienna. You can wear a lovely champagne sandal with this delightful dress. You can even find some sandals with a floral appliqué which would make your outfit all the more adorable. Make it your very own look by accessorizing with pearl earrings and a metallic pendant necklace! Love this stylish choice as much as Sienna and look sexy wherever you go. This dress is great for a spring shower, a trip to Cabo, or a simply solution to a shopping spree! Feel fabulous in this Gypsy 05 silk dress!

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