Check Out Our New Return Policy – It’s Revolutionary!

2:28 PM

Return Revolution

We are excited to announce we have a brand new REVOLUTIONARY refund and return policy! Singer22 wants nothing more than to make our customers happy, so with much consideration we came up with a new policy: Return Revolution.

Why is it a revolution? Well, we're embarking on something no other e-commerce site has done. Instead of having one choice, you now have two return/refund options. Want to return something for a store credit? No problem! Did we mention you also receive an extra 10% of store credit added? I'm sure we've got your attention now.

To show our appreciation to our loyal customers who shop with us time and again, we wanted to give back. As we know our previous return policy needed some TLC, we wanted to create something that is unique and easy for our shoppers. Plus, who wouldn't love getting an extra 10% back on something they weren't in love with. Since this Return Revolution is a little tricky to understand at first, let's break it down!

The Revolutionary Return: If you purchase an item(s) you aren't too pleased with and would like to receive a store credit, simply send the item(s) back to our warehouse and you'll get a store credit for the full retail price of your purchase. Sound good so far? On top of your full store credit we are also giving you an additional 10%! For instance, return something with a retail price of $200, you'll receive a store credit worth $220! Purchase an item(s) with a retail price of $500 and get a $550 store credit and so on.

The Regular Refund: If you don't want a store credit, then choose the regular refund option! As long as we receive your item(s) within the 14-day timeline, we will issue a full refund in the amount of the original to the form of original payment. *Less $10 shipping fee if you received free shipping.

Join the Revolution.

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