Cold Shoulder = Hot Style

1:40 AM

Fashion foward celebs like Drew Barrymore, Kate Bosworth, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Biel, and Kiera Knightley have all been making the party rounds in fabulous one shouldered frocks. After all, the loveliness of a woman's shoulder is a G-rated way to show off some conservatively stylish sex appeal. If you don't believe me, listen to famous Stylist Philip Bloch , who considers the asymmetrical look an elegant, sophisticated one that flatters all body types: “By baring a shoulder, you can be sexy without being tawdry or cheap.” And you read that right, this retro-styling is flattering for curvy and svelte fashionistas alike! (The angle adds width to upper part of the body, thereby perfecting the proportions of ladies with more weight in their bottom half.)

And Madison Marcus' chic frocks are some of the best missing shoulders of the season! Marcus has created enough feminine, ruffled incarnations of the asymmetrical style to suit any occasion. Their simple, sexy little black dress can go to any cocktail function. And their metallic number, when paired with booties and opaque tights at a club, is perfectly in line with winter's heavy metal fixation. Plus, Marcus' two jewel toned frocks can be worn anywhere from the office to the bar. (Don't forget that jewel tones are flattering to any complexion!)

Those in colder climates need not fear that, as winter approaches, they'll get an uneven case of frostbite. Bloch recommends that choosing a cover-up which shows off the look's asymmetry as a high fashion way to keep warm: “When you juxtapose a one-shoulder gown with a jacket or V-neck, you can play with weird angles for a cutting-edge look.” Hmm…perhaps a job for Mike & Chris?

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