Cosmetics For Your Feet: Trove Tkees @Singer22

7:51 AM has all new Trove Tkee Flip Flops. These are a huge Celebrity Favorite. Celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and many others have been spotted wearing these cute, Cosmetics for your FeetTrove Tkee Flips Flops with all sort of outfits.


These Trove Tkees Highlighter Leather Sandals come in 3 colors, Blink, Fairy Lust, and Bronzer.  The Highlighter Sandals will bring a new bling to any laid back look.  Pair them with Jeans, shorts or even a cute summer dress.  Your feet will feel amazing in them and they will bring out a little pizzazz to a bright new nail polish shade too.


The Trove Tkees Liner Leather Sandals in Sable are perfect to compliment any skin tone and your twinkle toes of your new pedicure.  These will make your feet look amazing and Feel amazing as well.  They come in multiple different colors to accent any look you may want to wear.  Slide your feet into a pair of these and your feet will be thanking you later.


These Flip Flops can really be wore with anything.  Just find the perfect shade to match with your perfect outfit and your feet will love you.  Trove Tkees are Cosmetics For Your Feet and your feet will love you for wearing them!

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