Daughters of the Revolution

1:01 PM

I can't even begin to tell you how I yearn for every piece from Daughters of the Revolution. Each dress has that flowy bohemian feel but isn't baggy and fits you perfectly in all the right places. Aside from the fit, the colors of the dresses are my favorite part. The blues, the pinks. The low neck is also a really sexy touch to it that I feel would be perfect layered in necklaces. I kind of need to buy at least two of them – preferably both of the floor length dresses. I won't be able to live throughout this summer without them. I can't believe I am already talking about summer – but it's literally all I've been shopping for. I bought the generation love sweatshirt today to keep me warm, it was my excuse to buy it – pathetic. I've wanted it since we got it in and I can tell you I am beyond cozy sitting here writing this blog post 🙂


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