Rock on with RockStar Denim

6:52 AM


We know you're busy shopping Singer22, and have just enough time left over to read our blog, so we're taking the opportunity to make sure that you see the tear sheet from the Fall Fashion (September) issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine,  featuring RockStar Denim Tie Dye Jeans from yours truly Muriel Piaser, the fashion manager at Prêt-á-Porter Paris® has put these rocking tie dyes on her “Fall Forward List” and says she “loves the rock/glam style…” with that said, these jeans clearly deliver.  The RockStar Denim Biker Zip Bottom Tie Dye Jean is available in black or blue on white tie dye. If you're not into this biker trend, but  still want to be styling tie dyes, you can check out tie dyes from Black Orchid, J Brand, Siwy, and Members Only — all also available at Rock on!

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