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Gems & Jewels by LIONETTE

Gems & Jewels by LIONETTE

All the wonderful clothing we buy, keep, and wear would mean nothing without the little enhancements we add that often times mean more to us than the clothing alone. Whether it's an engraved locket that's a family heirloom, a watch you received upon your graduation from college, a pair of earrings a significant other gifted you, a ring you proudly purchased for yourself with your first paycheck, or a collection of woven friendship bracelets you and your friends made together to pass the hours at summer camp, some pieces of jewelry can affect the impact of our style in that the strong sentiments attached to them make us feel even better in the clothes we're wearing.

That's part of the art of dressing – seamlessly threading bits of yourself into a whole look, and that ability to choose which parts we want to share is totally empowering. Many days I find myself wearing a ring one of my sisters bought for me that I wear, not only because the subtly iridescent coin pearl sits so beautifully in its hammered silver nest, but, because I see her when I wear it. She's been in medical school abroad for the better part of the last 4 years and will soon be graduating but the ring will hold her presence long after she's come home and I've stopped missing her.

Mushiness aside, obviously not everything we own is directly connected to some strong memory we have or feeling we experienced and that's perfectly fine. Some pieces are just beautiful and speak to us, leading us to believe that our lives might be the tiniest bit more glamorous if we added them to our jewelry boxes or earring trees. The Designer Spotlight falls on Lionette for precisely this reason.

LIONETTE - Avish Necklace - Perfect alone or layered!

LIONETTE – Avish Necklace – Perfect alone or layered!

Noa Sade is the Israeli-born designer behind this brand that has fans in fashion blogger Leandra Medine, Rihanna, Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, and Heidi Klum. Sade comes from a family of artists and is self-taught in the craft of her own art. Her line, Lionette, came to fruition in September of 2009 possessing a unique aesthetic dictated by strong lines, shapes, & colors and providing a clear new voice in the jewelry industry. Her use of metal and stone is youthful and modern, yet seemingly retains exotic remnants of her Middle Eastern background. Alluring and wearable with just enough flash for both day and evening events, her pieces stand alone as strongly as they do when layered together. As with any designer, their visions live in the pieces they create and we at SINGER22 are happy to share Noa Sade's visions through her jewelry line, Lionette, with you!

LIONETTE - Gizele Necklace - Fit for a Goddess

LIONETTE – Gizele Necklace – Fit for a Goddess

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