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The Rory Beca aesthetic is synonymous with California style in that the silhouettes look best in sun-soaked and breezy beachside settings where the body skimming fabrics and engaging colors thrive.

Based out of Santa Monica Canyon, CA, the designer behind her eponymous brand decided that in 2006 she would attempt to compose a line of clothing that combined femininity, allure, and comfort thereby enhancing a woman's sensuality without sacrificing the desire for facility; an idea which, when embodied in a silk camisole or flirtatious flowing skirt, can be more inviting than not being able to breathe in an uber-tight top or futzing with a complicated dress. You can imagine the response.

Rory Beca - Spring 2014 Lookbook - Find these silky printed shorts & tiered pink dress at

Rory Beca – Spring 2014 – Find these silky printed shorts & tiered pink dress at

Noted as having a joie de vivre herself, Rory Beca's line emulates the notion that if you strip yourself of unnecessary frills you uncover the essence in the joy of getting dressed! Her simple shapes let the body underneath breathe and move while still creating a stylish aura via interesting prints like a blue flecked python print on a creamy background, called blue champagne, or her multicolored floral print on a stark black & white background, called stella. When she opts for solid colors her selection varies from juicy red, pink, and orange to moody blue, teal, and black, yet many of these hues show signs of having been touched by the elements somehow. Imagine colors that have been slightly sunbleached or what they might look like under the shade of a tree – neither muted nor overly vivid – just natural and beautiful. This is not to say that the girl doesn't like her brights, of which there are plenty, but there's something poetic in the congruence between Rory's seeming love for the outdoors and parts of her collection.

An ethereal maxi dress in muted teal

An ethereal maxi dress in muted teal

This colorful line doesn't just have hanger appeal. Each garment can be styled easily with the mere addition of  unfussy or layered jewelry, a well fitted jean, and pair of fantastic sandals. Now is the perfect time to visit for a great selection of Rory Beca pieces that you can style like a Cali Girl or put your own spin on!

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