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Okay, so I might be a tad late to the game with this app (released in early December) but I saw a post about it on my Instagram feed and it automatically sparked my interest. For those of you like me who haven't heard about InstaRepost, it's an app that allows you to repost your favorite Instagram photos directly onto your own feed. And you need to download it…now.

If your friend tags you in a picture, don't take a lousy screen shot of it! Just use InstaRepost to repost the photo onto your feed. It's a great way to share inspiration through your Instagram. Don't worry about not giving credit to the author either. Each photo you repost is superimposed with a watermark giving the author credit for the image. You can also change the location and transparency of the watermark on each photo, however, only with the pro version.

I can't even count the number of times I see a picture I like and want to take a screenshot of it so I can save it in my phone. I don't bother uploading it to my Instagram because it looks awkward uploading a screenshot. InstaRepost lets you save the original picture right to your camera roll, which is another amazing feature I can't get enough of.

“How many times have you wanted to share an amazing Instagram photo with someone, but were not able to do it?” asked Dmitriy Zaretskiy of Mobbtech, the company who released InstaRepost. “Now, InstaRepost makes it easy to share any streamed photo. And InstaRepost allows you to discover interesting and popular photos of different categories depending on your interests: anything from Humor to World News.”

I feel like I'm so delayed with all the new apps that are available every day. Don't you feel like there are almost too many apps that it's a little overwhelming to figure out what will make it to your home screen? I always find myself downloading something, using it once and then deleting it forever to float in the abyss of my iCloud. Bottom line: this app is great. Since I've downloaded it, I've used it so many times and I'm happy to say I definitely won't be deleting it.

Here's a little sneak peek of how we will be integrating Instagram into the Singer22 experience called S22AndU!

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