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10:40 AM

I just can't get enough dresses filling my closet. I love putting on a cute dress and going out on the town and having everyone wonder where i found my fab dress. www.singer22.com has anamazing selection of dresses that can fill your closet and make you look amazing.


I have always been a fan of the shirt Dresses. I love them. Its like wearing one of your boyfriends big shirts around, but you can wear these out in public and look adorable. I always love to match a belt or a scarf with my tee shirt dress. And adding some accessories will bring your look all together. I love this Haute Hippie Pique Tuxedo Shirt Dress in White. Match it with a cute pair of heels and a black stylish belt and you will look amazing!


www.singer22.com has this cute but flirty, LnA Racerback Tank Dress in many colors on sale right now for 42.00$!  What a steal!!  This is perfect for the beautiful weather we are having right now.  You can match this up with some cute leggings or even a pair of skinny Jeans for a cute summer look.   You can also wear it alone and match it with a cute pair of heels and maybe a Linea Pelle Belt.
So when your looking for the perfect dress, look no farther than www.singer22.com.  There is still time to enter to win the $500 Gift Card Contest.  Just Friend us on Facebook and leave a comment and you'll be entered.  Contest ends August 31st.  Enter now!
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