Dylan George-The New “It” Denim Craze available at Singer22

6:21 PM

Dylan George has officially taken over Hollywood. Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Beckensile are both head over heels, and Lindsay and Ashley can't get enough. A hot new denim line like Dylan George Trumps headlines of Brangelina spottings, Speidi tying the knot, and even takes precedent over whomever Jen may be dating this month.  

Created by denim mogul, Danny Guez, the mastermind behind both Justin Timberlake's William Rast and People's Liberation, Dylan George launched as one of the most highly anticipated lifestyle brands for both men and women. The collection takes inspiration from the new jet set exemplified by the LA social scene where the line is based. Handcrafted finishes, the finest fabrics, and an ultra-flattering fit, Guez has created a new standard in denim. So just when you thought you were at your denim capacity, make some room for Dylan George. The
Lucy low rise has already been seen on Vanessa, Ashley, Kate, Christina, and the list keeps growing. Lindsay on the other hand, tries to hide from the paps under her fedora but cant hide from us in the Alexander flares. The distressed czar wash on both have the perfect amount of rips and tattering to look as if you have worn them in to perfection.

     Keep your denim radar on full force because lots more to come from Dylan George. Pre-order now because all of you denim-junkies (and you know who you are) are going to need these jeans!

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