Eat your Veggies & wear them too! The Battalion, from!

11:30 AM
Singer22 carries Linday Lohan’s outerwear by The Battalion

Singer22 carries Linday Lohan’s outerwear by The Battalion

Sisters Chrys and Linda Wong have lived both the east and west coast fantasies, but if their locale isn’t consistent, then it is their beliefs that certainly are. With one foot in Queens and the other in California, their debut collection, The Battalion, is a product of 100% veggie leathers, furs, organic cottons, and bamboo, all in an effort to provide eco-friendly fashion in an increasingly eco-conscious environment. The line has been worn numerous times by wanna-be talk show host Lindsay Lohan, pictured in the Knox Veggie Leather Motorcycle Jacket in black and the Veggie Fur Vest in Ivory. Though we thoroughly reject her prime time ambitions, we enthusiastically applaud Lohan’s latest vegetarian diet. Perhaps in this case, we are more than what we eat. For Linday’s look and The Battalion Clothing, shop!

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