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12:46 PM
Must Have Eugenia Kim Fedoras for Spring/Summer

Must Have Eugenia Kim Fedoras for Spring/Summer

If you've woken up on a weekend with hair you barely recognize let me introduce you to these sexy fedoras by none other than Eugenia Kim. There's no such thing as a bad hair day this summer ladies! The Eugenia Kim Max Panama Fedora in Natural/Pink has me feeling like Carrie a la Sex and the City, and mark my word you're getting double takes wearing this one around the block. I'm pairing the Eugenia Kim Toyo Fedora with Panther in Black with a black tank and cutoffs, and celebs are loving the look as well. Lindsay Lohan rocks Eugenia Kim fedoras and you can get in on her style right now – only trouble you'll have is deciding which color to get. Hats off to because they know something hot when they see it, Eugenia Kim is available right now. So chic it hurts – get yours while you can!

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